Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you in over your head in debt? Did you just lose your job?  Is your home under water and going into foreclosure? Call us at Flat Fee Attorneys at 702-388-FLAT and meet with our attorneys and staff to help you get the “Fresh Start” you deserve.  

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy we are able to eliminate all your debt, even student loans and taxes in certain situations.  Chapter 7 is also a great tool for someone that is facing a civil judgment or had a car or boat repossessed.

We also explain to how if you want and you are current on your payments, we can keep your house, car, or boat during the bankruptcy.

We will sit down with you and prepare all the docs for your review prior to filling.  We also will pull a full credit report and attend the meeting of creditors on your behalf.

We offer one low Flat Fee for the Bankruptcy as we understand that people facing bankruptcy are not in stable financial shape.  At Flat Fee attorneys we want to help these types of people eliminate their debt for the lowest possible costs.  Many law firms will have hidden costs for court appearances or to fill out reaffirmation agreements.  We not charge any extra for these services.  Our one low flat fee covers all these services.