Innocent Spouse Relief

If you had no idea about the financial activity of your spouse and how your spouse was manipulating the books, you may qualify for innocent spouse tax relief. This means that you did not share bank account access to his/her account activity.  Additionally, your spouse had a separate business that he/she operated independently, and finally, you did not benefit in lifestyle from the extra money that was a result of tax manipulation.  It is important to note that you cannot file an Innocent Spouse Claim if you are still married. You must be separated or divorced.

The forms the IRS requires for innocence spouse are quite complicated and require a substantial amount of supporting documentation.  Our staff at Flat Fee attorneys has helped out many men and woman pursue and succeed on innocence spouse relief from the IRS.

If the innocence spouse relief is granted by the IRS, this will eliminate a portion or ALL of the tax debt owed by the “innocence spouse.” 

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